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le 24 octobre 2012 (01:40)


I'm all ready to go see The Hobbit! I have the 13 dwarves name's memorised and can put those names on faces! I feel that before long I'll be able to sing the song they sing in the preview too.

Also, already have my ticket to go see Eluveitie on December 15th at the Club Soda, Montréal! Rawr! All I need now is to find myself a copy of Evocation 1: The Arcane Dominion. It's the only one I'm missing (if you don't count the first two album which are sold out and have been released on a new remastered version that I own).

Need to rearrange my closet space again; I don't have any space left for any new cd's, dvds, anime, book, manga anymore. I'll have to make myself some space in another room or buy myself a bookcase.

The scrapyard in front of our store closes! And they didn't put a "to sell" sign on the propriety so it's safe to say that it's already sold to someone. We tried to poke them a bit but they won't tell us shit and considering the fact that decontaminating a lot of that size will cost quite a hefty sum I think we can safely say that it's going to be a major competitor and not some small independent entrepreneur. We are hoping for a Walmart... My dad is already ecstatic. We are pretty much the only major business of the city at the moment meaning people often overlook us when they want to go on a full-fledged shopping spree favoring bigger centers like Terrebonne/Mascouche of ever better: Rosemère. If a Walmart opens right on the other side of the road, they're going to attract business from a larger area than what we do and those customers will shop in our store also. When facing the choice of going to Terrebonne for Canadian Tire and then Mascouche for Walmart why not go instead to La Plaine to get both at the same place. The three cities are within a 20 miles radius of each other. Actually only 4 miles separate the Canadian Tire of La Plaine to the one in Terrebonne. Two miles from each side of the highway. And since the one in Terrebonne didn't even loose sales when we opened we can say that the market has a lot of potential. And since Target stores will start establishing themselves in Canada in 2013 Walmart will probably want to saturate the market to pull the carpet from under their feet. Or sonething like that... Anyway...

If a Walmart really opens we'll be finally be able to set our suitcases for a few years and maybe I'll finally be able to buy myself my condo instead of just waiting around always unsure of the future. I'll be a first time homeowner and I plan on owning my first propriety for more than two years thank you! And La Plaine is the perfect place to get a place: the value of the houses hasn't skyrocketed like in Montreal, Laval or other big cities, the taxes are still pretty low and there's that really nice street just behind the store that I've been ogling for two years now. Could cut my travelling time from 25 minutes by car to 5 minutes on foot which is always nice and the proprieties on that street are no older that 4 years. There are a few conservation zones for greenery and a nice bike path and the grocery store is 2 minutes away and I'm already dreaming.

Come on... One step at a time I guess.

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Coooking mood

le 22 septembre 2012 (23:48)

Banana bread and brownies yesterday evening, mexican black bean, corn and tomato today (cilantro and lime juice are so yummy) and tomorrow I'll try my hand at a massaman curry recipe (and maybe a pie if my brother keeps insisting). It would not be a problem if I just used red curry paste from an asian grocery in Montreal but I'm actually going to make my own. If I can only find dried red jalapeno peppers... Coriander, nuoc mam, tamarin paste and all the rest I already have at home but I'm not sure I'll be able to find the pepers at IGA. I really don't fancy a trip to Montreal just to find those (might as well save myself the trouble and just buy the stuff already made from Maesri). It's funny how I only cook when my parents are away. My black bean and pepper beef last week was a success but I'm still shy when it comes to let other people taste my culinary experiences.

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le 14 mars 2012 (23:16)

current mood: depressed

Fuck, Fuck, FUCK!

My cat is starting to suffer from some kind of alopecia. He's been developing fur lumps for the last few months. It never happended before but as he's still somewhat a stray cat he never lets us brush his fur. At first sight he looks nice but when you touch him you just discover that he almost has dreads underneath! And now he's actually losing them leaving behind only bare skin... I'm freaking out. That cat will be the death of me. He fell sick a few weeks ago, fever, low white blood cell count, not eating, not drinking, overall catatonic but thankfully it wasn't a leukimia. Had to keep him hydrated and force him to swallow his antibiotics. It took two weeks but he's totally recovered; just in time to start losing his fur... I can't shave him myself; he won't even let me approach him and no groomer will take him as he still has claws at his four paws and is very nervous. So it'll just have to be back at the vet, full anesthesia, and a good shave... I can only hope that they can schedual an appointment by the end of the week! God... To think that it already cost me 300$ in annual vaccins and flee and worm treatments for the summer, not counting what my mom spent the first time she went for the blood draw, the tests, analyses and prescriptions... And now this... Why did my parents left him with me for three weeks...? I can only hope that (PLEASE!!) his fur will grow back?

And PLEASE may our store inspection come next week and not tomorrow! Everybody's coming down sick this week with a mix of flu and Gastroenteritis including the store manager (who needs to be present for the inspection), the warehouse manager, parts clerck, hardware clerck, etc and as the boss in on vacation that doesn't leave us with too many head staff.

Shitty week! and a little more...

A distribution transformer blew up last thursday night leaving us without electricity until friday around 16:30. Hydro Québec sucks. Being OUR transformer they decided that we would be the last on the line to be reconected. Meaning that the clecks had to walk around the store with every customers to write down every products and prices for the cashiers who could only accept cash. I played bouncer the entire day (automatic sliding doors aren't very automatic without electricity and it was too cold to leave them open all day). From 16:30 to 20:30 I helped the store manager to ring in the cash registers all the transactions that had been done manually to get the real bills for the customers' waranties and deduct the inventory. Maybe this time we can convince the boss to buy a generator (even if it actually costs 80 000$ for a building the size of ours and that its value depreciates at a rate of 15% per year). Wind and power loss are rather commun in La Plaine, Québec.

I'm going to sleep! I'm tired, frustrated and anxious... So fuck it! Sorry for the rant, it was brewing for a while.

kuzuryusensan [userpic]


le 24 janvier 2012 (23:13)

Painting Challenge!
Corel Painter Essentials 3 vs Photoshop CS2

Painter 1
Photoshop 0

I usually use Photoshop but I discovered that my Wacom tablet came with Corel Painter Essentials 3 and it's brilliant for what I need. I'm usually more of a traditional artist (meaning an assortment of staedtler pencils, an eraser and a sharpener) and both the pencil and blenders brushes come close to what I might be able to do with the real things. For now that's all I want even if eventually I might decide to experiment a little and develop new styles.


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le 05 novembre 2011 (13:21)


He's back! My cat just came back! He left the house Wednesday morning around 7am as usual and since my mom is home in the afternoon she lets him in around 4pm but as my parents are on vacation, I'm the one taking care of him and I don't get home until 5 or 5:30pm. I wasn't surprised when I didn't find him waiting for me at the door; he has better things to do then waiting for me on the front porch for an hour and a half but Wednesday became Thursday and then Friday and I still didn't see head nor tail of him. I yelled his name, shook his treat bag, and looked out both doors every 10 damn minutes the last 2 days. I left his water and food bowls outside in case he came by during my work but still nothing. I was starting to think he was dead somewhere in the woods at the end of our street but he just came back 10 minutes ago, mewling to be let in and somewhat famished. He is now sleeping on my bed and I am now grinning like mad!!! A horrible tearful conversation with my parents Monday night just transformed itself in somewhat of an anecdote to slip in our "so what happened while we were gone" conversation. I'm not too sure about how I feel letting him out again until my mom gets back though...

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le 23 septembre 2011 (16:44)

Finally done with the door painting, the shower tile grouting ( in a neighborhood renowned for hiring people to do anything and everything around their properties I'm pretty sure that I'm the only girl around who can grout ceramic tiles much less with a rubber spatula for cake frosting - my dad didn't think to get me a real grout spatula), backyard shed building, etc and just in time for my dad to leave on his hunting trip.

I have Karate class this evening and tomorrow morning; the commute is making me cringe. I was used to use no more than 50$ a month in gas with me driving to work with my dad everyday and since we moved out I drive almost 1 hour and a half each time I go to my classes which are 3 to 4 times a week (but then again a lot of people have it a lot worse than me; at least I'm usually not stuck in traffic). People usually ask why I don't simply change class and try to find one that's nearer to where I live but I guess they just don't understand just how much I love the dynamic of our group... and that I have the best sensei around and I'm doing good at Shito Ryu style anyway. I'm already a green belt and plan to pass my first blue around Christmas. I have my two kata memorised for the test (Pinan Godan and Juroku) and plan to learn Shinsei by that time as well. So aside a slight problem with my dumb weak shins everything is going great!

Tomorrow night is restaurant time for my hunt's birthday! Need to find something to wear... Damn...

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le 26 avril 2011 (13:15)


It's a miracle; I still remember how to draw! I take out my staedtler collection and my drawing pad out of my closet about once a year and yesterday was that day it would seem! I'll probably post something on DA in the next few days unless I decide to work on it with photoshop first. If that's the case, well you might see it before 2012?

It would seem that drawing abilities are like riding a bike: you can't lose it. The thing is you mostly learn with your eyes, not with your hands (in my case it would seem at least). Sure drawing a lot will improve your technical skils and help you develop a style that you can perfect but it's with your eyes that you learn perspective, attention to certain details and that you get the understanding of the essential of an object, a situation, etc.

Soooooo: I still know how to draw!!!

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le 24 mars 2011 (01:45)

Yé... I have an appointment with an ORL on April 7th and with a little luck they'll tell me that they'll remove my tonsils which might - or not - take care of many other problems I have (ears, sinus, etc). I've suffered from something that started off as a cold for about 7 weeks. I still have a slightly nasal voice even if my nose is not stuffed half the time anymore. I've had a rather big left tonsil for as long as I can remember but it grew again lately as I can feel it when I swallow. It doesn't hurt at least so it doesn't bother me all that much but if taking them out like I was supposed to when I was in college (not my fault if the clinic never called me back to schedual me an appointment that didn't fall in the middle of a school session and then I moved) resolve my other issues then the better.

Also managed to find a doctor to write me a reference paper for a gynecologist as the last time I had my period was in August. Meaning it's almost been 7 months now. I fear Hyperthyroidism might be an possible explanation as it runs in the family (my mother and her mother are hypo though and not hyper but still). As long as it's not a tumor... We'll know soon enough I guess...

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Bieber who?

le 19 février 2011 (21:23)

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current song: Mumford and Sons - The Cave

This week because of the Grammy Awards I discovered Esperanza Spalding. Jazz has always left me rather indifferent in the best case and a bit aggravated in the worst (some instruments can easily grate on my nerves and ears when used in a certain way like... trumpet for say) but that woman is quite a phenomenon. She has a most amazing ear for rhythym and a voice to die for.

I also discovered Mumford and Sons which has to be the best band to listen to when you want to put a smile on someones lips. They look like they have so much fun on stage! They have a style that's quite refreshing in an English folk kind of way. Not exactly the kind of music I usually listen to as I'm more a rock and metal lover but I really liked.

Oh and it also made me discovered Justen Bieber... Can someone explain to me why all the girls faint at the sight of him? I had never heard any of his songs before the Grammy this week and I have to say that I could have lived the rest of my life without hearing any. His lyrics are insipid and he was breathless after the first 20 seconds. Someone give the boy breathing exercises! It reminded me a little of the Backstreet Boys frenzy 10 or 15 years ago but then again I was 10 or 11 at the time and they actually had nice voices. Girls at my work drool over him like dogs before a meaty bone and they are 18 years old! What do they find him?

Anyway... Music week it is for me!

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le 30 octobre 2010 (23:29)

We are receiving the first snow of the season, right now! It is wet and heavy and sticky and better not stay because this is going to be the longest winter ever. It never used to really bother me but I never used to travel to go to work either. Will get my winter tires installed on my car monday or Tuesday as will my dad and mom; it'll give some experience to the guys in the service center (brand new store, brand new machinery, brand new employees remember?).

Got the heating system working Friday last week and the electricity on Wednesday, the 27th and the store opens on November 4th meaning next Thursday. We still don't have a single cashier trained. Hell the guys in Toronto managed to lose us an entire cash terminal and have yet to find where it went. Half the price lables on the shelves are still missing. Finally received our safes Friday and hopefully will get the Internet on Monday along with the sale's floor computers and receptacles. Nope we don't have a single working receptacle in the store with the exception of the offices. I'll still have to send my pays from my old workplace Monday and then travel back to La Plaine to start the cashiers' training meaning I'll finish around 9pm in order to train the student staff who can't work during the day. Managed to keep my Tuesday evening free for my karate classes and I'll work another evening Wednesday for further training and hope for the best for the soft opening on the day after. Will stick around the cash registers all day the first week or two to supervise the poor souls who'll have the work at the cash registers on those first few days.

Still need to finish dealing the monthly fees with the Bank and start our CSST folder.

Guerk! Loads of fun -.-

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